KonMari your writing.

I am a huge KonMari fan. Huge. For oh, so many reasons.

Less stuff=less stress. And seriously. I don’t want to spend my entire life working just so I can buy more stuff which then causes me to work more so that I can support said stuff. I get tired just thinking about it. Really, you can apply the KonMari principles to just about any area in your life. Email…. belongings….. people….. 🙂

But we are here to talk about writing. One of the hardest parts about writing (for me) is overthinking. Something I can do in spades. Do you need to know the 99.99999999 billion ways a scenario can go wrong? I’m your person. I can tell you. Are you curious about how many different ways something might go? Even the completely implausible, probably won’t happen but still could scenarios? Still your person. In the world of insurance this is probably an extremely valuable skill. Everywhere else. Not so much.

Particularly in writing. There are hundreds of thousands of choices. Little, tiny decisions that all add up to a story. You can spend forever with the “what ifs”. Or you can try to throw in every single shiny idea that crosses your mind. Or you can describe the entire scene in painstakingly intricate detail. OR….. you could just repeat after me. Less is more. Less is more.

Readers are smart. They will fill in the blanks. Granted there is a line there where you don’t want to give too little information. But they are looking for an experience. They want to use their imaginations and intelligence. They want to reason and think. Give them the freedom to do that….. makes the job of writing easier and the job of reading more enjoyable….

Less is more.