Advanced copies.

I’m looking for Alpha readers. Which is apparently not to be confused with Beta readers. Though if you ask me, Beta reader sounds better. Sorry I couldn’t give you the better title #nexttime. Anyways. The book is (as I mentioned before) 99.9% complete. I want to publish in July (making it a bad time to mention that the month is already half over). So, I’m looking for some final eyes to read it over. It has gone through professional editing, but like any book, I am sure there are still mistakes. Just last night I found the following “It was barely large enough to fit what looked to be an unconformable¬†bed. Which, for those of you who don’t know (like me, I didn’t know) it is an actual word. Just not the right word. Also, I should note that the bed is part of a hospital scene. Just in case your mind had started to wander.

Back to Alpha reading. I’m just looking for overarching observations or anything that would be particularly embarrassing if it was made public. You know. By publishing. And… honestly that’s it. A quick email back with your thoughts and I will be happy. I am hoping to hit that all important publish button by the 27th. So if I can get feedback before then, great!

If you are interested drop me a quick email at writesarawrite(at) Subject heading Alpha team and I will set you up with a bookfunnel link. (Hopefully, probably, most likely, I just signed up for the service, so technological issues aren’t outside the realm of possible). Or you can comment your email and interest below. On the off-chance that there is a huge amount of interest (one can hope), I will limit the list to 20.

And if you need a refresher about what the book is about…. here is the blurb/cover.

She’ll do anything to unearth the secrets.
They’ll stop at nothing to silence her.

Smithsonian archeologist, Roslin Williams gets a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to excavate the areas where The White House once stood. When she uncovers an Air Force One plane containing human remains and a mysterious briefcase, she’s determined to dig up any information on the airplane and the secrets behind it.

However, the dangerous powers behind this age-old scandal have plans of their own. Keeping facts buried is their number one priority and Roslin is getting in their way. With an assassin closing in, to silence her once and for all, Roslin teams up with Special Agent Mark Appleton to unravel this ancient conspiracy. But with time running out, will they unearth the truth before they’re the next buried fatalities?







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